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The host is a full-spectrum cross-cultural independent Inspirator broadcasting directly from Shanghai.

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Over a cup of coffee with HJ is the podcast sharing valuable insights on topics which matter. The host is a full-spectrum cross-cultural independent Inspirator broadcasting directly from Shanghai.

(1) The podcasts emphasize on education, politics, and culture.

(2) Eurasian mindset and German roots give him a distinctive advantage when he enfolds trans- and intercultural perspectives on challenges of our time.

(3) Invited guests from various backgrounds share their perspective on topics which matter.

Intercultural experienced with focus on Sino-German culture since 2000. Open minded team player with charming and inspiring attitude. Chinese speed & German efficiency with a down to earth spirit.

What our listeners & followers say

Rating: 5 out of 5.


— Yangwei Fang

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Good insights and a broad range of topics. Are you on Twitter?

— Julien Lagard

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Beeindruckender podcast von einem Deutschen aus Shanghai. Könnte aber auch auf deutsch seine Sendung machen.

— Franz Winfried Müller

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Great podcast. Amazing content. I love your German style. Do you live in Shanghai? I studied German at High School back in Minnesota.

— Stephanie

Interaction & recommendation

You will help us to make stories that matter and you enjoy. With Anchor you have the easy way to interact with our podcast. Click on the left button above and send us from the Anchor website a voice message! This easy way allows to participate directly in our podcasts with an inspirational input.

We are always looking for inspiring talks with interesting people from various field! If you know people who might fit into our profile, contact us on this website or send us an voice message on Anchor.

3 different podcast formats

Sharing what makes life MEANINGFUL

We are continuously developing and improving different formats which reflects the rich and thrilling culture we are living in. We understand our our podcast as an experimental environment to share inspiration and offer various perspectives as the German expression Weltanschauung describes.

Right now our podcast portfolio consists out of three main main formats:

  • Rabbit hole: an extensive podcast series which digs up the rabbit hole on topics like education, culture, economics & politics. Normally one series has between 3 to 7 episodes. Each episode has the airtime of drinking a cup of coffee, between 5 to 7 minutes.

  • SHANGHAI JAZZ NIGHTS: the open-minded Freigeist format. Art focused podcast which reveals the hidden gems of Shanghai art scene below the radar. Talks, discussions, performance and music. Duration between 29 to 59 minutes.

  • CHINA EXPERIENCED: Talks with natives, expats & flexpats living in China sharing their insights which allows you to get a better understanding about China & your own culture. One podcast session between 29 minutes and 44 minutes.

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Use the hashtag #coffee_with_hj on Twitter or send a message from the contact form.

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